River Water Pottery Products

Apple bakers
Berry Bowls
Bird Houses
Bread bowls
Brie bakers
Butter Keepers
Candle lanterns
Casseroles – large
Casseroles – small
Cereal/salad bowls
Cheese plates
Citrus juicers
Coasters/candle or soap dishes
Cobbler dishes, apple shape
Coffee Pourovers
Cracker Trays
Cream and Sugar Sets
Dinner plates
Dip Containers
Fragrance Burners
Garden Tags
Garlic Graters
Garlic jars
Heart bowls
Jewelry Holders
Large bowls
Large leaf bowls
Large leaf plates
Large rectangular tray
Leaf Frogs, sm.-med.- lg.
Long baguette tray
Mortar and Pestle
Mixing bowls
Mixing Pitchers
Napkin rings
Olive trays
Painted Mugs
Pie dishes - apple shaped, fluted
Pleated Bowls
Pumpkin Bakers
Rice bowls (Thumb bowls)
Rose jars
Sage burners
Sake Sets
Salad/Dessert plates
Small bowls
Small bowls, apple shaped
Small leaf bowls
Small Leaf plates
Small oval plates
Small rectangular trays
Soap Dishes
Soup bowls
Square Baking Dish
Steam Bakers
Utensil Holder
Wavy Bowls, Large
Wavy Bowls, Small or Medium
Wide salad bowls
Wind chimes
Yarn bowls