About the Pottery

All River Water Pottery is food safe and can be used in the oven, microwave, or dishwasher. Glazes are all lead free and non-toxic. Most pieces include recipes and instruction for use.

Apple Bakers are designed to hold a peeled, cored apple placed on the spindle at the bottom of the bowl. Once filled with butter, sugar and cinnamon, this is placed in an oven or microwave for a delicious desert. Can also be used to make a medallion onion. Recipes and apple corer tool are included. 

Berry Bowls have holes in one side so that water can be poured over the berries and then drained out leaving the berries ready to eat from the bowl immediately after washing.

Bird Houses are meant to hang outside. Spring is the time that birds will move in. If they don’t, try a different location.

Bread Bowls can be used to bake bread right in the bowl and then later the bread can be served from the same bowl. Recipes to use with the bowl are included in an attached Bread Bowl Cookbook. (If you make the lemon yogurt cake, be sure to have others around to help you eat it or you may eat it all.) These bowls are also a great size for many other uses.

Brie Bakers come with an attached cookbook with all kinds of recipes for baking brie in these bowls.

Butter Keepers keep butter soft and spreadable at room temperature for up to two weeks. Add water to the bottom part and put the butter in the lid which doubles as a serving dish. Instructions included.

Candle Lanterns hold a small candle that casts a shadow of the design carved into the pot.

Casseroles come with recipe ideas attached.

Citrus Juicers are for those times when a small amount of juice is wanted quickly. Delicious recipes and small grater for zesting attached.

Coasters are made with real leaves and flowers impressed into the clay. There are sold as a set of four with an identification card attached. Sets vary and contain plants and trees often seen in Three Rivers.

Cobbler Dishes and Pie Plates all come with recipe ideas attached.

Coffee Pour-overs can also be used with loose leaf tea. Instructions are attached.  

Dips and Spreads Pots come with many recipe ideas and a spreading knife attached.

Fragrance Burners fill the air with the wonderful fragrances of either essential oils or wax scents. Wax fragrances and a tea light candle are included to get you started.

Garlic Graters are designed to grate garlic, hard vegetables, cheese, ginger, or chocolate. An attached brush “sweeps” the grated ingredient out for use in other recipes or leave the garlic in the dish, add oil, vinegar and spices and use it as a bread dipping bowl. Instructions and recipes are attached.  

Garlic Jars keep garlic, ginger, or scallions fresher longer by closing out light and letting in air.

“Leaf Frogs” contain a frog pin to hold the stems of branches or flowers in an attached bowl that can hold water. They are an easy and artful way to arrange flowers, branches, or leaves.

Mortar and Pestles grind and mix recipes with maximum flavor and fragrance. Instructions and recipes included.

Mixing Pitchers come with recipes for using the attached whisk to make your own salad dressings. They are also a handy size for gravy, syrup, marinades or sauces of any kind.

Sage Burners are used to burn white sage (or any fragrant herb of your choice) to ward off negative spirits and insects. Instructions, information, and a bundle of white sage included.

Soup Bowls include recipes for several delicious hot soups.

Square Baking Dishes include recipes for things that come in squares: lemon bars, chili cheese squares, brownies.

Steam Bakers can be used to make individual servings that go from the microwave to the table usually in under 5 minutes. The attached recipe book includes ideas for preparing eggs, soup, vegetables, chili, shrimp, and desserts (chocolate soufflé is especially good and fun to make!).

Wavy Bowls are decorative as well as useful art pieces that can be hung on the wall or for more utilitarian purposes such as holding fruit, Christmas cards, jewelry, or  .  .  .