Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Three Artists at River Water Pottery

Time for a spectacular July 1st Saturday this weekend.  Many, many stores, restaurants, and artists have joined the 1st Saturday family.  Check out  for information and a map to see what’s happening.

At River Water Pottery we will be joined by the featured artist of the month, Jami Beck with her beautiful bead art jewelry and, back this year by popular demand, is Candace Colbert, silhouette artist extraordinaire, who can cut your likeness from life or from photos in just minutes.

Meanwhile, back at the pottery studio we’ve been busy creating new items, experimenting with glazes, and producing lots of the favorite pieces you love gifting for birthdays, anniversaries, holiday presents, and of course for yourself.  

Our newest obsession is salt pigs! You might think a salt pig is bacon, but you’d be wrong.  Come see what a salt pig is and why you need one. The bear mugs have multiplied and encouraged other Three Rivers wildlife to show up (coyotes, raccoons, ravens, herons etc.) The vases are blooming with color and the platters, bowls, and trays are ready to serve. 

Hoping to see you soon!

July 1st Saturday at

Anne and H.J.’s

River Water Pottery

44305 South Fork Drive

Three Rivers

July 2 from 10 - 4