Friday, December 11, 2015

Turn Around and They're Thrown

 Any item that's on the website can be glazed with any of the glazes that are on the website.   It's the turnaround time that's tricky.  It usually takes a 2-4 week turnaround for pieces that have to be thrown or hand built, dried (about 2 days if it's sunny and hot and about 1-2 weeks when it's rainy and cold), bisque fired, glazed, and then glaze fired.  Throwing (they call it "turning" on the East Coast) is the fastest part and, for me, the most enjoyable.  As a dear friend and mentor potter puts it: "The mound of clay turns on the rotating wheel head and my hands seem to be in the realm of a sorcerer.  As if by magic, the clay rises and transforms itself into a cylinder that will become a vase or a mug or a bowl or a teapot."

 Meanwhile the galleries and stores listed on this website have many items already available so we hope you'll find something  that works for you if you need it right away.